Join The Space Age

Join The Space Age

Thursday, 21 December 2017

There is much talk these days about people “cutting the cable” to abandon existing television providers.  And many are doing just that; becoming more dependent upon internet service providers and online TV streaming as their primary source of home entertainment.

To many people’s surprise, AT&T, the nation’s major communications provider, is fully supporting that movement.  AT&T offers two great alternatives that will bring your television communications into the 21st century, with a degree of service few cable providers can hope to match.  First, they offer satellite TV service using DirecTV.  This service gives a subscriber up to 240 channels, plus pay movie service, special sports networks, and foreign language service all in a single package.  Using a satellite provider means the customer isn’t encumbered with relying upon the types of concerns that accompany such things as surface communications line interruptions.  It also gives you the capability of receiving transmissions from all over the world thanks to satellite telemetry, technology like that developed and used to communicate with the International Space Station.  The smart phones you can get when you join the AT&T system have the computer power that required entire mainframes to run back in the days when the first manned spacecraft were launched.  You can hold one of those phones in your hand when you take advantage of an AT&T Groupon coupon when you join their wireless service.

Your AT&T provider also offers you the benefits of their latest Impulse internet service.  This service provides the highest speed of internet access available, thus enabling you to upload major documents and photos and transmit them to desired receiver.  You can also rely upon it to receive information in a flash, and you also have your own cloud storage at hand to maintain your own work and personal files.

Currently you can get up to $650 in credits when you transfer from your current wireless carrier to AT&T.  You can take advantage of a Groupon promo code to find the best available AT&T wireless promos and sales.     When you are all wired up with AT&T wireless, you won’t have to “cut the cord” because you’ll have already accomplished it, and saved a lot of money in the process.

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