iPhone 7 Plus Review: The Camera Steals The Show

iPhone 7 Plus Review: The Camera Steals The Show

Monday, 24 October 2016
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The most awaited smartphone of the year: the iPhone 7 Plus, has proved as much as its worth. Though it is much more expensive than other phones, its iOS 10.1 offers things other smartphone brands can only dream of. Other than the necessities of 3G, WiFi, and Bluetooth, it has an amazingly large and bright screen (5.5” LED- backlit IPS LCD to be precise). Its capacitive touch screen is out of this world; super smooth and gentle under your fingers. The feature of 3D touch is much more than a show-off stunt now; it saves a lot of your precious time by making a lot of options available in the notification bar itself. Its Home button has been infused in the screen as well, and we are all pretty aware that it doesn’t have a “Jack” anymore.

Its speed is mind-blowing. Never before has such quick transition between apps has been seen before. The phone does not hang irrespective of opening innumerable apps simultaneously. It will handle it all with its 3GB RAM capacity, without compromising the speed. But it’s in photography that the iPhone series have always held their dominance. Apple iPhone has and will remain unsurpassed in this field. Although its camera has always given an impressive performance, this time, the guys at Apple have broken their own record. Here’s why:

  • Primary Back Camera: Its primary back camera is a staggering 12 MP with dual- lens feature and phase detection auto focus. It has a 28mm wide lens with f/1.8 and 2x optical zoom to give the best shots. It offers a zoom level from 1x to 10x. For 1x using the wide angle zoom, for 2x use the telephoto lens (6.6mm) and for 3x and above use the digital zoom to obtain the best effects.Unlike its predecessors, it probably gives the most incredible low light photos with Bokeh effect (that is the blurring of the background to increase focus on the subject).
  • Secondary Camera: It has a 7MP and f/2.2 camera as its secondary or the selfie camera which has incredible features like Panorama, HDR and automatic face and smile detection. It is 32mm wide with speeds of 1080p at 30fps and 720p at 240fps
  • Camera App: But above all, it is the remarkable features of the camera app that make it worth considering while shopping mobile online. This app can coalesce data from both the lens to give one awesome image which will make you brag about it all over social media. To keep things steady when you are taking the big shot, the iPhone 7Plus comes armed with an auto optical image stabilization mode.

Now we can safely say that it is, in fact, the camera which is the real winner in this sensational iOS wonder. But that’s not all the good that is there in it. This time, the battery life has been lengthened and gives around 384 hours in standby mode, 21 hours of talk time and approximately 60 hours of music play time.So, go ahead and start saving money today itself to buy this masterpiece; unless, if you are not waiting for iPhone 8.

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