The Development Phase of Web Building Project

The Development Phase of Web Building Project

Sunday, 24 April 2016
Web Design

In reality, not many people fully understand about the components of the actual development phase. In order to allow clients better understand about the overall results, even before the development process begins. In this case, it is important for web developers and designers to work together in delivering a fully functional prototype. This will allow us to show clients the proper interactivity of our website. All navigational systems should work, although the search field and most of the content are still inaccessible. In this phase, it is possible for us to get input and feedback from the client about the overall designs.

All changes should be confirmed before we move to the next phase of the development process. All revisions should be assigned on different milestone of the project. Approvals, feedback and comments should be communicated by telephone, fax and email. During the design phase, it is important for the team to properly develop their procedures and test plans for quality assurance. Thee development team will need to obtain the approval of their clients on the project and design plans. This will allow the database team to work on their own mini project based on the requirements for developing the database.

Content preparation is also important during the development process. It is essentially what will be presented and delivered to users. Content can be available as text, image, audio and video. Professional content preparation provider industry-specific information that’s relevant to specific users. Evaluations should be performed to make sure that the content is proper for use by consumers. Coding is also essential for the development process and it is important that programmers provide codes that are compatible with the design and content. It means that codes should work seamlessly under the interface and can highlight more important content.

Programmers or coders will need to consistently interact with web designers. When needed, there could be design changes that need to be implemented. Developers and designers need to discuss how they can implement such changes in their designs. The coding team may need to generate testing plans after the coding process is completed. There should be technical documentation that can be examined by the design and content preparation team. The documentation should be created properly so everyone will understand about the proper code flow. The coding team may also need to prepare the end-user documentation to make sure that things will flow much more smoothly.

After all the designs, codes and database have been fully prepared, it is important for the team to have a more intensive testing. A website should work as a multi-user platform with specific requirements. There are different testing procedure that we can perform, such as cross-browser compatibility tests, resolution tests, load tests, scalability tests, stress tests, integration tests, interface tests and feature tests. These tests can be performed manually or automatically using tools.

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