The Analysis Phase of Web Development Project

The Analysis Phase of Web Development Project

Friday, 11 March 2016
Web Dev

When building a website, we should follow various frameworks and standards. There are also languages, modelling tools, methodologies and frameworks that we need to consider. Websites are often developed with different methods, based on different changes. We should be able to develop websites based on certain methods and it should be quite easy to do if we know how to do it. There are steps that we need to consider when developing a website. The analysis phase is important and it means that customers should be able to discuss their requirements. The team should be able to work toward implementing the analysis and requirements.

Often, websites are just a part of the larger system and we need to have proper and complete analysis. How we implement the website could determine the future process of the development. A proper analysis should cover all available aspects and it is important to consider all the details. So, it is clear that there are many things that we need to consider during the analysis process. As an example, the company may want to use real time data and this will require direct channelling of dynamic information to the website itself. The flow from raw materials to presentable content that is displayed to users should be defined in the analysis process.

It is important that the website can be made more informative and less time consuming. If we want our website to become more efficient, it is important for us to have a complete cost-benefit analysis. This will allow us to have a more realistic planning of the website. The web professionals should come up with more realistic plans. During the analysis process, the common input is usually interviews with consumers, clients and users of the website. We also need supporting documentation that’s provided by the client. Any recorded conversations, online chats and discussion notes need to be used as essential inputs.

The overall output should be cost projections, work plans, hardware-software requirements, approval and supporting documents. After the analysis phase is completed, we should be able to draw up preliminary specifications that can deal with all elements of the requirements. The dynamic elements of the website, site navigation and general layout must be included in the overall specifications. Larger projects will require more extensive consultations and we should be able to asses multiple technical and business requirements. After approving and reviewing the preliminary document, we should be able to prepare a written proposal that clearly outlines the scope of our project.

Reports from the analysis team are important so we can get complete requirement specifications. This is an essential step before we proceed with the actual design and development phase. The analysis phase of the web development process should provide a clear and detailed specification on what the website should be able to do. Normally, we should already have a mock-up that includes the overall navigation and layouts of the website. The analysis phase of the web development project is essential.

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